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“The 10 Commandments for Professional Life”

1. When in doubt …shout!

Means seek to get clarifications from peers and  seniors.
If you sit with doubts,

  • You would not get the answers and would not learn.
  • You are delaying the process of completing a task or solving a situation.
  • This could hamper even your team’s objectives.

2. Always play as a user!

  • This would enable you in visualizing more realistic and effective scenarios.

3. Strive to get horizontal exposure!

  • Your way of thinking and approach to situation depends a lot on the exposure you have.
  • The more….. the better!

4. Let the data talk…..no emotions!

  • There could be other facets to a situation not known to us, so go slow and carefully!
  • Also, no one (including you and me) likes others saying a loud or tough tone about data/situations/facts that are likely to reflect mistakes!

5. Communicate to the point…”na kam na jyada!”

  • Do not lose the gist of the subject and miss out on the main point by getting trapped in a long story!

6. The 3 key capabilities that industry demands

  •  How fast you can explore a new subject?
  •  How fast can you grasp it?
  •  How effectively you can you apply it to solve a problem?

7. Excellent communication skills are a must!

8. Be selfish to excel!

9. There is no secret ingredient! (If you try hard, you can do it!)

10. You can’t see the whole world or experience it, so read as much as you can through good books written by others!


Vivek Moholkar

Founder, SoftTestLab (Software Testing, Consulting, Outsourcing, Training)

Hope these commandments will help you in your professional life specially for Software Testing professionals. Thanks to Vivek Moholkar for giving wonderful commandments which are really good.


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