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Record And Playback in Sahi OS.

Hope you all read my first post about Sahi at  “Sahi Web Automation Tool – Basic Understanding !”   so in this post we will see next part of Sahi Web autonmation tool.

Note: Before reading this  post please read my first post of   “Sahi Web Automation Tool – Basic Understanding !”  to understand Sahi and installation of it.

Record and Playback.

Section 1 : Recording the script of Automation flow.

1. First click on Sahi shortcut created on desktop. Sahi Dashboard will open as shown below.

Sahi Dashboard

2.  Now click on any browser to start with Sahi. After clicking on any browser browser will open through Sahi as shown below.

Sahi Home Screen

3. Now ALT + Double click to open Sahi Controller as shown below.

Sahi Contreoller

4. Now you will see controller , in that there are some tabs like Record , Playback etc.  By default you will be in Record tab.

5. To record script give Scrip name in “Script Name:” textbox . Let’s say ” Testrecordscript”

6. Now click on Record button.

7. Open the web application to record your application. Please make sure open your application urls in the browser opened through Sahi only. mentioned in step 2.

8. Let’s record on http://sahi.co.in/demo/training/login.htm  url. Type your URL in “Enter start URL:” textbox. as shown below.


8. Now click on Go and start recording your flow.

9. After recording your flow click on Stop button to stop recording.

10. Now go to …\sahi\userdata\scripts to check “Testrecordscript.sah” is generated or not.

Section 2 :  Playback of recorded automation flow.

1. Go to Playback tab on Sahi Controller.

2. Type “Testrecordscript.sah” in “File:” textbox .

3. Give the start url which we have given while recording the script i.e. http://sahi.co.in/demo/training/login.htm

4. Click on Set button to set starting url in the browser.

5. And click on Play button to Play recorded script.

6. Please check after playback you will get Success as shown in screenshot.


7. Even you can see report/logs after clicking on View Logs link present on the controller .

Note : This is just sample recording and playback considering sample application made by Tyto software . For recording your script

1. Script name should be as per your flow and application.

2. Starting URL should be of your application URL.

Hope you all understand Record and Playback in Sahi Web Automation tool.

Special Thanks to Narayan his team for making wonderful tool for Web automation with feature of Record and Playback.


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